What are DAU, MAU and WAU?

The number of Active Users who interact with an application daily are known as Daily Active Users (DAU). Similarly, the number of Active Users each month is known as Monthly Active Users (MAU).

  1. How is DAU defined?

Daily active users (DAU) is the total number of users that engage in some way with a web or mobile product on a given day. In most cases, to be considered “active,” users simply have to view or open the product. Web and mobile app businesses typically consider DAU as their primary measure of growth or engagement.

2. How do you DAU?

How do you calculate DAU? To measure DAU, count the total number of unique viewers on a given day. To calculate this, you must know two things: The definition of a user: Most DAU calculations consider a user to be any unique visitor who’s downloaded their app or accessed their site and takes an action.

3. How is DAU and MAU calculated? What Is the DAU/MAU Ratio? (Plus How To Calculate This Metric)

a. DAU/MAU ratio = (daily active users / monthly active users) x 100.

b. Average DAU = sum of each day’s unique users / number of days in the month.

c. Average MAU = sum of each month’s unique users / 12.

4. What is a good WAU(weekly active users)?

It is this blend of the different groups that results in the aggregate DAU/WAU being around 60%. This rule of 60% as a threshold for identifying the best active user metric for a product is generally helpful across all use cases.

5. Is Mau a good metric?

DAU/MAU is an important metric to measure engagement, but here’s where it fails. DAU/MAU is a popular metric for user engagement — it’s the ratio of your daily active users over your monthly active users, expressed as a percentage. Usually apps over 20% are said to be good, and 50%+ is world class.



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