Damn! What are all of those data something 😤

Let’s find out in simple terms, please 👇

1️⃣ There are mountains, factories, and clouds. Different types of water.
👨‍💻 Your different types of data sources

2️⃣ The different types of water all end up mixed in one place, the lake
👨‍💻 Your data goes into your data lake in various/raw formats

3️⃣ After filtering the lake, variations of water nutrients give to different bottles stored in a big box
👨‍💻 Your data warehouse is loaded with clean and structured data from your data lake

4️⃣ You go to the supermarket and buy your bottle of high magnesium water.
👨‍💻 Subset of your data warehouse focused on a business/team

Simple isn’t it? ❤️



You are NOT just working for the company, you are also working for yourself. 🎯

(1). Leave a company if your horizontal and vertical growth is in the hands of 1 to 2 people.

(2). Leave a company if you do the same type of work every year consistently.

(3). Leave a company if your career aspirations are not discussed periodically.

(4). Leave a company if your ambitions are too far fetched for the management.

(5). Leave a company if your salary is not corrected in line with the ongoing market rate.