Job hoppers should be worshipped.

They're not. Their career history is judged harshly by hiring managers.

It's ridiculously stupid. Here's why.

Job hoppers demonstrate they like growth.

They're looking to upskill. They're looking for new opportunities.

They're willing to apply for jobs they don't qualify for.

They're unreasonable enough to think their career could be better.


Sounds like the traits of a person who is devoted to Sounds like confidence. Sounds like courage.

Why the heck would we frown upon this behavior?

We shouldn't.

Job hopping showed me my true calling: writing and entrepreneurship.

Often job hoppers haven't found what they're looking for.

Is that a crime?


Let's start encouraging people to job hop.

Job hopping equals career growth. Career growth is good for business.

Are you with me?

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🚀Key Features of Angular

✨Built-in support for AJAX, HTTP, and Observables are just a few of Angular’s highlights. There is widespread support in the community.
✨In line with current technologies
✨Typescript is time-saving.
✨Coding that is more clear and concise
✨Error-handling support has been improved.
✨Angular CLI allows for seamless updates.
✨Validation and forms
✨Local CSS / shadow DOM
✨Separation of User Interface and Business Logic

🚀Key Features of React

✨React’s key features include the ability to use third-party libraries.
✨Composability and Simplicity
✨Facebook is fully behind you.
✨Improved user experience and lightning-fast speed.
✨More rapid development
✨One-directional data binding provides ✨code stability.
✨Components in React

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This extension allows you to write any query related to code and the extension will give you the answer.

Follow the below steps:

1. Install the Blackbox VS Code extension
2. Open any file and write your question and at the end add question mark
3. Wait for a second and you will get answer for your query
4. If you want to keep that answer, press tab key

Isn’t it cool?

Do try it out and let me know in the comment what do you think about it?

Happy Learning!



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